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We breed our Eurasiers occasionally, with the goal of producing healthy, well adjusted and beautiful Eurasiers to share with others. We are not a commercial or for profit breeder, so puppies are only available on a limited basis. ​


A wonderful companion is a product of its genetics and its upbringing. We start by selecting healthy parents with excellent temperaments and correct conformation and breed type. All three criteria are equally important. We carefully examine each dog for their strengths and weaknesses, and critically evaluate their pedigrees to make the best matches possible with what information is available.


In order to give them the best start in life, our puppies are raised with a combination of Puppy Culture, AviDog and Empowered Breeder puppy rearing programs. The puppies are exposed to new sights and sounds, new people and dogs, and when old enough, take "field trips" to new places to begin their exposure to the human world. By the time they leave our home and make their way to yours, they have begun learning many essential skills, such as crate training, travelling in the car, the foundations of potty training and much more. The first few weeks in the breeder's home are critical for a young puppy, and we do all we can to set our puppies and their families up for success.

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If you are interested in being considered for a Cerasi Eurasiers puppy, please use the Inquiry Form to receive an application. Please note that due to volume, our application process is now automated. Upon emailing us, you will automatically receive a link to complete an application. Applications received are reviewed in batches, so you may not hear back right away. We do endeavour to reply to each and every application submitted, however if it has been a while since you completed the application and have not heard back, we welcome you to follow up. We appreciate getting to know prospective homes, so also invite you to strike up a conversation via our Facebook or Instagram pages.​

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