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About Hildy

Sex: Female

Colour: Light Red Cream

Country: Netherlands

Height: 50.5 cm

DOB: March 16, 2019

Sire: Amadou von Borneby (DEU)

Dam: CH Elziva van disse kaante Kuunder (NLD)

Weight: 19 kg

Pictured above at 15 months. Hildy is a lovely Eurasier bitch imported to Canada from the Netherlands. She is confident, sweet natured and playful. She is friendly towards strangers, but is not very interested in people she doesn't know. She is always nearby, usually with a toy in her mouth. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, her show and performance career was put on hold. She did however show successfully in the Baby Puppy and Puppy classes. She is a beautiful representative of the Eurasier breed standard, with an excellent head, correct body proportions and angulation, and beautiful, effortless movement.


Hips: OFA Preliminary Good (A2)

Patellas: OFA Normal (0/0)

Thyroid: Normal, TGAA Negative (2020)

A Locus: Ay/A

S Locus: S/S (does not carry pinto)

Dentition: Complete, scissors bite

Elbows: OFA Preliminary Normal (0/0)

Eyes: CAER Normal (couple extra eye lashes)

DWLM: Clear

E Locus: E/E (does not carry white)

B Locus: B/B (does not carry liver)

Titles & Achievements

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July 2019: Best Baby Puppy in Show, Brenton Wright


Sept 2020: Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) title


Hildy at 9 weeks

Best Baby Puppy in Show

Head shot, 1 year

Hildy earned her CGN at 18 months

Pretty in the garden, 1 year

She loves the beach!


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