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Much as I imagine you are right now, when I first discovered the Eurasier, I was reading every article and breeder website available at the time, and quickly realized this was the breed for me. After over a decade of experience and involvement in the breed community, establishing my own kennel was the natural next step.

I was very lucky that my first "show dog", Arnold, was beyond what most could hope to expect from their entrance into the "dog world". Despite my learning as we went along, Arnold found incredible success in both the show and performance rings, breaking many breed records in multiple venues. He also introduced me to the world of breeding, where he was sought as a sire for multiple kennels in Europe.

From there, I decided to look abroad to import Eurasiers to Canada, from kennels that matched my goals and ethics, and produced dogs that matched my vision for the breed in terms of conformational quality and temperament. I have since imported dogs from the Netherlands and Denmark, as well as frozen semen from France. Cerasi Eurasiers was officially established in 2020 and we welcomed our first beautiful litter of puppies in 2021.


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Selected with our dogs and puppies in mind, you will find our home tucked away on two forested acres in a small community approximately one hour outside of Victoria, British Columbia.

When purchasing a Cerasi Eurasier puppy, you can be certain that your puppy has grown up in a safe and clean home environment and is accustomed to regular household activities.

Puppies spend their first few weeks in my bedroom, and then transition to the puppy box in the main living room of the house. They have access to an all-weather turf "puppy run", as well as a half-acre fenced yard as weather permits. Indoor and outdoor enrichment items are provided at all times. We also have a professional grooming set-up on site.

As we are not a "facility", but a private home, we are not open to visits from the general public. However, approved applicants are more than welcome to come visit.



The primary goal of our kennel is to preserve and protect the Eurasier breed, so that all the wonderful qualities of the Eurasier are maintained for years to come. This includes temperament, conformation and health. All three must be critically evaluated when planning breedings, as each aspect directly impacts the others. While our dogs and puppies are primarily family companions, we also breed with the goal of producing dogs that will excel in the show ring and other performance venues. The show ring is quite possibly the ultimate test for a dog. The dog must have sound structure, which is essential for living a long and healthy life, and have appropriate breed type to be easily recognized as a Eurasier. The dog must have a stable temperament to handle to rigours of long days at a dog show, surrounded by many strange dogs and people, and accept handling from a judge. The dog must also be in good health. An unhealthy dog will often have a poor coat, lack energy, or have lame movement, none of which would do well in the show ring. So while on the surface, it may seem like a beauty pageant for dogs, it really is so much more.

While our kennel is still at its beginning, our hope is to establish a discernible "Cerasi Eurasiers" type, while maintaining and upholding the written breed standard. Our ideal Eurasier has balanced, moderate angulation, a correct rectangular outline, and a balanced head with a pleasing, soft expression. While I may have a soft spot for a stunning red dog, coat colour is certainly never a consideration or something to breed for, beyond avoiding non-standard colours. Any breeder marketing "rare" or "unique" colours should be looked at with a critical eye.

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