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Our Philosophy

Choosing to breed dogs and bring puppies into the world is a big responsibility. We owe it to ourselves, our puppy buyers and, most importantly, the dogs to do so in an ethical way. In addition to our own principles, we also adhere to the Canadian Kennel Club Member Code of Ethics and to the Eurasier Club of Canada Breeder Codes of Ethics.

Guiding Principles for Cerasi Eurasiers

Home Selection Process

Cerasi Eurasiers maintains a list of approved applicants, however there is no formal waiting list. This means that being first on the list does not necessarily mean you are the first to get a puppy. Each application is reviewed thoroughly and placements are determined based on each puppy's personality and each home's requirements for a dog. 

Cerasi Eurasiers is a small kennel, and I do not breed to supply to growing demand for pet Eurasier puppies. If you are certain you want a puppy from my kennel, you will potentially be waiting longer than with breeders who breed more often. Priority is given to homes who share similar philosophy on caring for their dogs and who show initiative to stay in touch and build a relationship prior to acquiring a puppy.

Step 1. Initial Contact

Prior to initial contact, I do expect that you have reviewed the information on my website and have at least a general understanding of my program, goals and philosophy. It is important to me that our philosophies are aligned and that you are looking for a life long relationship with their dog's breeder. I will send you some additional information about my program and my litter plans as well as a copy of my puppy application.

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