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About Arnold

Sex: Male

DOB: January 28, 2015

Colour: Red Cream

Country: Canada

Sire: CH T'Horus des Legendes de Retz (FRA)

Dam: CH Naku's Na'vi Goddess (CAN)

Height: 57 cm

Weight: 28 kg

Pictured above at 5 years. Arnold is everything a Eurasier should be. He is confident, self-assured and even tempered. He is friendly towards strangers and enjoys their attention, but is not likely to go home with them. With family and friends, he is a love and always wants to cuddle. He has proven his excellent temperament in a variety of performance sports, including obedience, rally, agility, scent detection and more. He is an excellent representative of the Eurasier breed standard, with great success in the conformation show ring. He has an excellent coat, correct body proportions and angulation, and beautiful, effortless movement. Available for breeding on a limited basis to approved bitches only.


1. Darchen Eurasiers, United Kingdom (frozen A.I.) - DOB: June 12, 2019 (5M/1F)

2. Cerasi Eurasiers, Canada - DOB: June 29, 2021 (3M/4F)

3. Kennel Dukavika, Denmark (frozen A.I.) - DOB: October 30, 2021 (1M/2F)


Hips: OFA Good (A2)

Elbows: OFA Normal (0/0)

Patellas: OFA Normal (0/0)

Thyroid: Normal, TGAA Negative (2020)

Eyes: CAER Normal

Dentition: Complete, scissors bite

DWLM: Clear

A Locus: Ay/At

E Locus: Em/E (does not carry white)

S Locus: S/S (does not carry pinto)

B Locus: B/B (does not carry liver)

Titles & Achievements

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May 2016: BOS over Specials, Major Win

May 2016: Group 3rd, Mavis McClintock

Aug 2016: Group 3rd, Brenton Wright

2016: #3 Eurasier in Canada


May 2017: Best Owner Handled in Group, Janet Buchanan

July 2017: Group 4th, Edgar Bajona

Aug 2017: CKC Championship (CH)

2017: #3 Eurasier in Canada


Aug 2018: Group 4th, Best Owner Handled in Group, John P. Wade (AKC)

Nov 2018: UKC Group 1st

Nov 2018: UKC Total Dog (Conformation and Rally)

2018: #3 Eurasier in Canada


Mar 2019: Group 3rd, Best Owner Handled in Group, Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (FIN)

July 2019: Group 4th, Brenton Wright

Sept 2019: Group 3rd, Best Owner Handled in Group, Jean-Jacques Dupas (FRA, past VP of the French Eurasier Club)

2019: #1 Eurasier in Canada

Mar 2020: CKC Grand Championship (GCH), shortlisted in group, Harto Stockmari (FIN)

Apr 2020: PureDogTalk Virtual Covid-19 Sweepstakes Best Miscellaneous/FSS in Show

2020: #2 Eurasier in Canada




Aug 2016: Canine Good Neighbour title (CGN)

Sept 2016: Obedience Companion Dog title (CD), 3x High in Class

Sept 2016: GSDCA Temperament Tested title (TT)

Apr 2017: Rally Novice title (RN)

Sept 2017: Rally Advanced title (RA)

Apr 2018: Rally Excellent title (RE)

June 2018: Rally Advanced Excellent title (RAE)

Sept 2018: Rally Advanced Excellent 2 title (RAE2)

Oct 2018: Rally Advanced Excellent 3 title (RAE3)

2018: #1 Working Dog - Rally, #9 All Breed - Rally, 22x High in Class

2018 CKC Top Multi-Discipline Dog

Oct 2019: Scent Detection Novice title (SDN)

Apr 2020: Novice Trick (NTD), Intermediate Trick (ITD), Advanced Trick Dog (ATD) titles

Arnold stack Nov 2020 (6 years)
Arnold stack Nov 2020 (6 years)

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Arnold new Grand Champion (2020)
Arnold new Grand Champion (2020)

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Arnold as a puppy
Arnold as a puppy

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Arnold stack Nov 2020 (6 years)
Arnold stack Nov 2020 (6 years)

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