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The Canadian Kennel Club Eurasier Breed Standard describes the Eurasier as a "balanced, well constructed medium sized dog of Spitz type", with prick ears, various coat colours, moderate coat length and medium bone.

The breed standard is not only guidance for producing beautiful dogs, but for ensuring dogs have sound body structure and typical breed features that allow them to fulfill their original function. As a companion breed, the Eurasier needs sound, but moderate structure, so that it can keep up on family activities like hiking or agility, without any extreme features.

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The Eurasier is slightly longer than it is tall. The length of the muzzle and the skull are almost equal.​


Height at Withers:

  • Dogs: 52-60 cm | 56 cm ideal

  • Bitches: 48-56 cm | 52 cm ideal



  • Dogs: 23-32 kg | 26 kg ideal

  • Bitches: 18-26 kg | 22 kg ideal


The head is balanced and wedge shaped. The forehead and bridge of the nose run parallel. The skull is flat, with a distinct frontal furrow and barely defined stop. The eyelids, lips and nose have black pigment.

The Eurasier should have a full set of teeth with either a scissors or even bite. The eyes are dark, medium and slightly slanted.

The ears are pricked, medium and set apart by approximately the width of one ear, with the tips of the ears and the centre of the stop forming an equilateral triangle.


The gait should be ground covering, with good forward stride. Balanced movement is essential, with matching reach and drive.​

Both forequarters and hindquarters should have moderate angulation, with bones of equal length.

The front pasterns are strong, parallel and slope slightly when viewed from the side.

The rear hocks are strong, broad and stable.

Feet are oval shaped, with black nails and toe pads.


Skin is tight and well pigmented.​ Nose, lips, nails etc. should be black.

The coat consists of a thick under coat and a loose lying top coat. The guard hairs are of medium length, longer on the tail, feathers and breeches, short on the face and legs.

The Eurasier does not have a mane or "rough" on the neck.​

Any colour is acceptable other than liver, white and white patches.

For more information on Eurasier coat colours, click here.


The neck is medium length, in proportion to the body, with good muscling and a flowing transition to the body.​

The body is strong, and not too short in back, with pronounced withers, firm top line and chest reaching to the elbows. The forechest is well developed and the underline tucks up only slightly.​

The tail curls over the back, and is either straight, curved or a ring. When hanging down, the tail reaches the hocks.


Nervousness, shyness, excessive suspiciousness, aggression.

Ears which flap or pendulous ears.

Distichiasis, ectropion, entropion.

Eyes set too deep or eyes too small.

Single or more incisor or canine tooth missing;  single or more premolars 3 or 4 missing, or single or more molars 1 or 2.

Anomalies in bite.

Kinky tail.

Strong lack of pigment.

Lack of correct gender characteristics.

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