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Cerasi Eurasiers is a preservation Eurasier breeder, located near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We adhere to the traditional Eurasier Way of breeding and raising puppies, meaning our dogs are companions first and foremost, and our puppies are whelped and raised as members of our family. We constantly strive to do our best for our dogs, our breeding program and for the Eurasier breed as a whole. We do not breed to fill the growing demand for Eurasier puppies or for commercial gain. Click to learn more about us and our kennel.

The primary goal of our kennel is  to preserve the best qualities of the Eurasier breed for years to come, which means breeding healthy, loving companions with typical Eurasier temperament and correct conformation. Our dogs undergo rigorous selection to ensure we are breeding the best representatives of the breed. This includes complete health testing, above and beyond what is currently required by the Eurasier Club of Canada, proving our dogs in the conformation show ring and in other performance venues. With every Cerasi Eurasier born, great care is taken to produce Eurasiers that are of sound mind and body and embody everything that a Eurasier should be.

When choosing to join the Cerasi Eurasiers family, know that you are indeed joining an extended family. We take great joy in following our puppies throughout their lives, from the moment they are born into our hands, to when we pass them off to you to love and cherish for the rest of their lives.

For news and updates regarding our kennel, please follow us on Facebook.

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