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We are a preservation breeder of the Eurasier dog breed, located near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We adhere to the traditional Eurasier Way of breeding and raising puppies, meaning our dogs are companions first and foremost, and our puppies are whelped and raised as members of our family. We constantly strive to do our best for our dogs, our breeding program and for the Eurasier breed as a whole. We are members of the Eurasier Club of Canada and the Canadian Kennel Club. We occasionally have Eurasier puppies available.


Our main goal is to produce healthy, loving family companions, with the typical Eurasier temperament and appearance. To achieve this, all our breeding dogs are thoroughly health tested for the most common health issues that can arise in the breed. Our adults successfully compete in conformation dog shows to evaluate conformation and structure, as well as a variety of performance sports (obedience, agility etc.) to prove their wonderful natures. Our puppies are raised using both the Puppy Culture program, as well as AviDog Transformational Puppy Rearing, and they are evaluated for conformation and temperament before going to their new homes. Learn more About Us, Our Philosophy and Our Dogs. If you are interested in this breed, there is plenty of info about the Eurasier on our site.

Is the Eurasier the Right Breed for You?

The Eurasier is a rather unique breed of dog. They can be a great choice for a first time owner, however you must be prepared for and understanding of their needs and behaviours.


First and foremost, the Eurasier is a family companion dog. It wants to be with its owners all the time! Because of this, the Eurasier is not the right choice for someone who is away from home for extended periods of time. A typical work day can be accommodated with appropriate training and exercise, as well as a commitment to spend much of your free time devoted to your dog. If you work a full day, then like to go out after and away on the weekends, the Eurasier is probably not the breed for you, as they require close contact with their people. On the flip side, it is critically important that a Eurasier puppy learns from a young age to be alright with being left alone for reasonable amounts of time. Otherwise, they can become prone to separation anxiety. Ideally, your breeder will have started this training when your puppy is very young, so that you can continue with this important skill once your puppy comes home.

There are some other considerations about the Eurasier temperament too. If you want a dog that will obey without question every time, then again, this may not be the breed for you. Eurasiers are very intelligent, easily trained and want to please their people, but at the same time they are independent thinkers and will make their own choices. This doesn't mean they are stubborn or difficult to train. It is just the personality of an intelligent Spitz breed. Keeping in mind their nature, if you are someone who prefers to train with aversion methods, I would not recommend a Eurasier. Not only are they a soft breed that does not need harsh correction, aversive training will actually dissolve the bond between you and your Eurasier. They will become distrusting of you and your intentions, or that of your trainer.

If you are someone that intends to use an enclosed dog park or doggie daycare as the primary method of exercise and stimulation for your dog, I wouldn't recommend a Eurasier. While dog aggression is unusual, Eurasiers are often selective in the type of play they enjoy. Overly boisterous or intrusive play styles from unknown dogs are not usually welcomed by a typical Eurasier. The are happier to socialize with other Eurasiers or with familiar dogs that they already know. Additionally, if you intend to keep your Eurasier intact, which is recommended for their health, it is important to know that intact dogs are often ganged up on by neutered males in particular, which can be very psychologically damaging and potentially dangerous.

If you are still researching this breed, please take a few minutes to review the breed info on this site and from other reputable sources. If you have any questions about the breed, I am always happy to answer over email.