One of the greatest responsibilities a dog breeder has is finding the best possible homes for the puppies they produce, to ensure that their puppy will be cared for properly and also fit well into its new home. Not every puppy is suitable for any given home, and not every home is suitable for a Eurasier. Because of this, I take the selection and approval process for new puppy homes very seriously. I do maintain a list of applicants, however I do not keep a waitlist in the traditional sense. This means that being first on the list does not necessarily mean you are the first to get a puppy. I review each application thoroughly and make tentative decisions about which homes are the best fit for my dogs. Then, once the puppies have arrived and I've had time to evaluate the litter, I make placements based on each puppy's personality and each home's requirements for a dog. Below is a guideline of my selection process so that applicants can better understand the process and understand expectations for everyone involved.

1. Initial Contact

When you first contact me about available puppies or litter plans, I do expect that you have reviewed the information on my website and have at least a general understanding of my program, goals and philosophy. It is important to me that our philosophies are aligned. My preference for candidates are those who share my views, are open to discussion and learning and those that are looking for a life long relationship with their dog's breeder. During this first contact, I will send you some additional information about my program and my litter plans as well as a copy of my puppy application.

2. Application

The application is a critical component of my evaluation process. Also, from the buyer's perspective, it should also be a critical evaluation tool for you to decide if I am the right breeder for you. I encourage all prospective buyers to evaluate the breeders they are in contact with and make some decisions about which breeder they would like to work with, whether it is me or another breeder. I cannot make any decisions about puppy placement without a completed application. Once I have reviewed your completed application, I will highlight any comments or areas of concern that I may have and will take the opportunity to discuss them. This is also a good time for you to ask me any questions that you may have. After this discussion, I will inform you as to whether or not we are a good fit for each other. Those that are approved are tentatively in line for my next upcoming litter, pending number of puppies born and evaluation of the litter. Only those who are approved at this stage will move forward in the selection process.

3. Interview

Closer to the time when the breeding will be happening, I will request a brief phone call to further discuss details from your application, address any questions or concerns, and review my puppy purchase contract. This will also be the time where I collect information and details about what sort of puppy would be ideal for your home. This information will become critical later when I am conducting puppy evaluations. Once the puppies are born, I will ask for a deposit to secure our commitment to each other. The deposit is refundable, should there not be a puppy for you in the litter or if there is a change of heart, however typically, once the deposit is taken, it is assumed that there is a definite commitment from both parties.

4. Evaluation and Placement

During the first 6 weeks of the puppies' lives, I will be taking detailed notes about each puppy, including their personality and behavioural traits. By the time the puppies are 6 weeks old, I typically will have a good idea of where each puppy will be going. That said, placements are not finalized until the puppies are between 7 and 8 weeks old, after temperament testing and conformation evaluation are completed. When possible, I will take the buyer's preferences into account, however I do not allow buyers to choose their puppy and they are not picked in any particular "order". The evaluation and matching of puppies to homes is an 8 week process that requires in depth knowledge of each puppy and of each home.

Please Note: I am a small kennel and breed infrequently for myself first and foremost. I do not breed to sell puppies or supply the growing demand for Eurasier pet puppies. As such, the wait for a Cerasi Eurasiers puppy may be longer than other breeders who breed more often/for pets. Please consider whether you would like a puppy specifically from my program or if you want the next available puppy. If the latter, I encourage you to contact breeders who breed more often for pet homes. I give priority to those who are seeking a dog specifically from my program, that share my values and expectations in terms of a life-long relationship. Additionally, the type of home I am looking for is someone who takes the initiative to stay in contact and check in regularly. If I never hear from you after receiving your application, it's unlikely that you will be considered for a puppy as I have far more applicants than I do puppies, so those who are successful have made themselves stand out as an exceptional home for my puppies.