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We breed our Eurasiers occasionally, with the goal of producing healthy, well adjusted and beautiful Eurasiers to share with others. We are not a commercial or for profit breeder, so puppies are only available on a limited basis. If you are interested in being considered for a Eurasier puppy, please contact us for an application.

A wonderful companion is a product of its genetics and its upbringing. We start by selecting healthy parents with excellent temperaments and correct conformation and breed type. All three criteria are equally important. We carefully examine each dog for their strengths and weaknesses, and critically evaluate their pedigrees to make the best matches possible with what information is available. Our puppies are raised with the Puppy Culture puppy raising program. We encourage all our puppy buyers to purchase the Puppy Culture videos to continue their puppy's training based on the foundations we provide during the first 10 weeks.

View our current breeding plans. All breedings are planned in accordance with the Eurasier Club of Canada Breeder Code of Ethics.

Read about all of our litters of Cerasi Eurasier puppies. Find information on the parents and the puppies produced from each pairing.

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