We have litters occasionally. Please Contact Us for more information.

Red Eurasier puppy

We breed our Eurasiers occasionally, with the goal of producing healthy, well adjusted and beautiful Eurasiers to share with others. We are not a commercial or for profit breeder, so puppies are only available on a limited basis. If you are interested in being considered for a Eurasier puppy, please contact us for an application.

Prospective puppy buyers must fill out an application form and be approved before being added to our waitlist. We do not provide puppies on a first come first served basis, but instead select the best homes possible for each puppy. There is not one "type" of home we are looking for, however it must be demonstrated that the home will be suitable for a Eurasier puppy. Additionally, we consider all our puppy buyers to be part of our extended family, meaning we expect to stay in touch throughout the life of your dog, so that we can share your joys and offer our assistance when needed.

A wonderful companion is a product of its genetics and its upbringing. We start by selecting healthy parents with excellent temperaments and correct conformation and breed type. All three criteria are equally important. We carefully examine each dog for their strengths and weaknesses, and critically evaluate their pedigrees to make the best matches possible with what information is available. We provide the best prenatal care to the mothers to be, to ensure that they are in top condition in order to whelp and raise a litter safely. Once they are born, our puppies are raised in the home and underfoot to give them the best start at life. We ensure that the environment is safe and clean at all times, with age-appropriate enrichment activities and training. We follow both the Puppy Culture puppy raising method, as well as the AviDog Transformational Puppy Rearing program. We encourage all our puppy buyers to purchase the Puppy Culture videos, or at least the "Attention is the Mother" video series to continue their puppy's training based on the foundations we provide during the first 10 weeks.

When we are expecting a litter or have puppies on the ground, the best place to check for updates is our Facebook page and private Facebook group.