Pregnancy Confirmed

After a successful breeding this past April, Hildy is confirmed to be pregnant and expecting puppies later this month! We are very excited to welcome our first litter and are busy making all the preparations.

Hildy is doing great, growing bigger by the day. So far she is handling the pregnancy really well. Other than being a bit slower and a bit less playful, she is mostly her usual self.

Please note that at this time, all the puppies are currently spoken for and those potentially in line for a puppy have been contacted. If you have sent an inquiry in the past while and have not yet heard back, I will be working on emails and applications once this litter has gone to their new homes. For now, all my spare time is dedicated to preparing for the litter and taking care of Hildy and the rest of the dogs. If you are still interested in a Cerasi Eurasiers puppy, I encourage you to reach out again later this fall.

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