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"Officially" a Grand Champion

After months of waiting, with delays at the CKC due to their new IT system, plus Covid-19, we finally received word that Arnold is "officially" a Grand Champion!

Arnold earned the final points towards his CKC Grand Championship back in February 2020, the final show of the season before Covid-19 hit. In addition to getting his last remaining points, he also made the cut in working group (top 6 dogs) under judge Harto Stockmari from Finland. Mr. Stockmari is an experienced FCI judge and was very complimentary towards Arnold! He was very pleased by both his conformation quality and his excellent temperament.

In order to earn a Grand Champion designation, a dog must already be a Champion of record, and then earn an additional 20 points, including two major wins. Because there is very little competition at the breed level for Eurasiers, Arnold earned a significant portion of his points at the group competition level, meaning he needed to complete against and beat dogs of other breeds in the Working group. This is no easy task for a Eurasier, since they are up against very competitive breeds like Boxers, Doberman Pinschers and Newfoundlands, and many judges are not as familiar with the Eurasier compared to these breeds. Arnold was just the 3rd ever Eurasier Grand Champion and he has always been shown exclusively owner-handled! So needless to say, I am very proud of Arnold's achievements!

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