Do Eurasiers shed?

Yes, they do! Being a double coated breed with a thick undercoat, you can expect to sweep or vacuum on a regular basis. That said, when Eurasiers are left intact, they tend to "blow" their undercoat at certain times during the year, and for the rest of the year the shedding is not excessive. Males will blow coat seasonally, once or twice a year. Females will blow coat based on their hormonal cycle, typically about 4 months after a heat cycle or after giving birth to puppies. The coat blow of a Eurasier bitch is typically more extreme.

Are Eurasiers a mix or designer breed?

No. The Eurasier is a pure breed of dog that is recognized internationally all around the world. They did start out by crossing the Chow Chow, German Wolfsspitz and Samoyed, however they have been developed as their own breed for the last 60+ years. Many modern dog breeds started out by crossing different breeds together, including the Doberman Pinscher, Leonberger and many others.

Are Eurasiers stubborn or difficult to train?

Not really, though it depends on what your definition of "difficult to train" means. If you want a dog that will blindly obey your commands and live to please you, then perhaps the Eurasier is not for you. They are a Spitz breed and independent thinker. They are however very intelligent and catch on quickly, once you understand and appreciate their style. Positive, reward based training is the only method that should be used on the Eurasier. They do not respond well to punishment or aversive training, and it is very unlikely that those methods would ever be needed for a Eurasier. 

Are Eurasiers prone to barking?

No, Eurasiers tend to be very quiet dogs, even when playing. They do not bark often, and if they do bark there is usually a good reason. It is unlikely for a Eurasier to make a habit of excessive barking.


Do Eurasiers make good service dogs?

This is a difficult question, and there has been an increase in people seeking this breed for service dog work in recent years. While the Eurasier is very intelligent and devoted to its people, there is a reason that the most commonly used breeds (Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle and Collie) are the most popular and most successful. These breeds have natural instincts that lend themselves to making excellent service dogs, whereas with the Eurasier, you will have to train against many of their natural instincts. That is not to say that some Eurasiers may work out as a service dog, however it is not recommended to seek this breed specifically for that task.

Do Eurasiers Require Lots of Grooming?

Not really. Despite their beautiful, plush coats, they are relatively simple to maintain and keep in good condition. This is especially true of dogs that are kept intact. Their coats tend to be fairly waterproof, and sticks and burrs are less likely to get embedded. They are also not particularly prone to forming mats. You should plan to brush your Eurasier throughly once per week, but this can easily be done while watching TV. If your Eurasier is spayed or neutered, this often can change the natural texture of the coat, which can make it much more difficult to care for. They tend to shed year round, rather than seasonally, and are more prone to matting.


Eurasiers do not have a "doggy" odour, so don't need frequent baths, unless they get into something messy. However, it is perfectly safe to bathe your Eurasier more often. Personally, I bathe my dogs once every 8 weeks or so, more often if we are actively showing. If you use high quality products designed for dogs, it won't damage or harm their coat in any way.

Do Eurasiers do well in apartments?

They can. The Eurasier is typically calm indoors, once they are mature. Provided with enough exercise and mental stimulation, they are happy to relax on the sofa or a dog bed. Because of this and their tendency not to bark, they can make good apartment dogs, provided there is suitable space for the dog and it receives ample outdoor time.

How much exercise do Eurasiers need?

Eurasiers are a moderate energy breed. They enjoy being active and will keep up with whatever you decide to do, but they are equally happy to spend the day relaxing with their people. For their health, a Eurasier should get at least 1 hour of moderate exercise per day. Off-leash is preferable, once the Eurasier is well trained and only in areas where it is safe. However, if you miss a day here or there, they are unlikely to become hyperactive or destructive.