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The Eurasier was originally developed by a group of people with the same idea in mind: to create a loving, family companion that still had the appearance and behaviours of a "natural" dog. Therefore, it’s origins are quite different from many of the other breeds we see today, particularly those developed for working, herding or hunting.

The Eurasier was never meant to be anything but a family companion that lives in its owners home and is with them as a constant companion. They were never intended to live in kennels with limited contact with their owners. Just as it would be unfair to deprive a herding breed an outlet for its genetic instinct, it is equally unfair to deprive a Eurasier of its genetic instinct to bond and be close with its family. Traditionally referred to as "The Eurasier Way", this is the philosophy we follow in our breeding program as well.



All potential breeding dogs are health tested per the requirements set out by the Eurasier Club of Canada. Only dogs with favourable results will be considered for future participation in our breeding program.


Individual dogs must prove their breed-worthiness, ideally by completing their CKC conformation championship and other titles. Pairings are planned based on compatibility of pedigree, type and complimentary structure.


We strive to provide appropriate levels of enrichment to our puppies. We follow the Puppy Culture, Avidog and Empowered Breeder programs. Puppies are evaluated for conformation and temperament before placement.

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